Full Count Baseball – Game Play & Rules

The pitcher and batter each play a card face down.  Both players then flip their cards over at the same time revealing the selected batter and pitch.  The type of batter and pitch determines the result of the exchange.  In the example below the pitcher throws a Curve Ball against a Contact Hitter, the result is a single.  The batter moves to first base and all base runners move one base.


After each batter/pitcher exchange, the batter must discard the chosen batter into the batter discard pile.  This card is unavailable until all batter cards have been used.  Once a player has used all 9 Batter Cards (batted round) he picks up all Batter Cards so that all Batters are available to use in any order.  If the inning ends without all batters being played, only the batters not used yet are available until the entire line up has been played.

The pitcher returns his Pitcher Card to his hand for future use.  Pitcher cards are not discarded except for…


Exceptions:  The pitcher also has 2 Double Play Cards, and 1 Triple Play Card that when used are discarded for the entirety of the game.  To play a Double Play Card there must be less than 2 outs and at least 1 base runner.  To play a Triple Play Card there must be no outs and at least 2 base runners.


A pitcher can use the Intentional Walk Card when anticipating a Superstar or Power Hitter.  An Intentional Walk Card does not get discarded but rather stays in the pitcher’s hand and is available for future play.


After each half inning (3 outs) players switch:  The pitcher now picks up the Batter Cards and the batter picks up the Pitcher Cards.
Reminder:  Players cannot pick up batters used in the previous inning until he or she has used all batters from his or her hand.


Rally Cards give both sides the opportunity to make special plays.  Offensive Rally Cards enable the batting team to Get on Base, Steal and Sacrifice.  Defensive Rally Cards help the pitching team get batters and base runners out and prevent runs from being scored.



Earning Rally Cards:  Each player draws 2 Rally Cards to start the game.  After each inning both players draw 1 additional Rally Card.  There is no limit to the amount of Rally Cards a player can have.

Playing Rally Cards:  A Rally Card must be played before the pitch is made.  When a Rally Card is used, a player rolls the die to determine if the play is successful or not.  The result is indicated on the Rally Card.  Once a Rally Card is played, it is discarded into the Rally Card discard pile indicated on the board.

If both players attempt to use a Rally Card at the same time, the first player to play his card earns the attempt.

Rally Card Requirements:  Each Rally Card tells the player what the requirements are for playing that card.  For example, a “Pickoff” requires that 1 runner must be on base.


Base runners advance according to the batter/pitcher exchange.
For example:
Single advances base runners 1 space
Double advances base runners 2 spaces
Triple advances base runners 3 spaces
Home run advances all base runners and batter to home plate.  Batter and all base runners score.

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